Festival of Leaves

Saturday, October 15, 2022, is the annual Festival of Leaves in Downtown Front Royal! The festival has grown into a great Warren County tradition.  

We know you’re looking forward to this year’s festival as much as we are. Here are some past memories we found in our archives:

1. Programs featuring the Festival and the play they put on, A Time of Beginning. Larry LeHew portrayed Peter LeHew and Oliver portrayed John Lederer, who first came into the valley.

2. Schedule of events I and II. Apparently the first festival events were held mainly at Bing Crosby stadium.

3. Tree Planting Photo. Far right, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, John Marlow. Next to him was State Senator William Truban. Middle back row (bald) FR mayor William Lillard, next to him (with glasses) state delegate Duncan Gibbs.

4. Dogwood planting Sentinel article, also from the first festival held in 1971.

This year’s Festival of Leaves organized by FRIBA will be amazing  – see the Facebook page to learn more! We hope to see you there.