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We have an archived time capsule of sorts: editions of the Warren County High School paper, the Wa-Co-Hi-Lights. We have many of these papers from 1940 to 2000! 

Our image shows Lawrence “Sweeney” Shiflett, who later became the Athletic Director at WCHS.

We don’t have all of the editions, but if you come across some, bring them in. We can accept them for the archive or make copies. This is just a fraction of the records we have.

History is often thought of as a grand, academic enterprise. But some of the most fascinating and illuminating sources of history are the personal records of everyday life, school, and business. Diaries, letters, and newspapers – including student produced papers – have a way of taking you right back to a moment in time, or giving insight into daily life that a paragraph in a history book can’t compete with.

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