Positive Transformations Happening


Dear Members and Friends of the Warren Heritage Society,

I am delighted to bring you some thrilling updates and positive transformations happening within our organization. As we persist in our mission of preserving and celebrating our local history, I am pleased to unveil the progress we’ve achieved in revitalizing our facilities and enriching the visitor experience.

In recent months, the dedicated team at the Warren Heritage Society has been diligently working to cultivate a warm and captivating environment for all our visitors. Here are some noteworthy developments that we are eager to share with you:

– Thorough inspections of all our buildings to ensure they adhere to safety standards and compliance requirements.
– A significant overhaul of our archives, including the creation of a new office area to enhance organizational efficiency and better serve our members and visitors 
– Responsive adjustments to our hours and rates, ensuring ease of access for everyone to enjoy our resources.
– Introduction of a new library reading room, providing a space for deeper exploration of our local history and offering additional resources to our visitors.
– Relocation and enhancement of our garden area, creating a more inviting and accessible space for contemplation and enjoyment.
– Proactive measures to maintain a clean and inviting environment, including deep cleaning efforts across all our buildings.

Furthermore, our archives have received substantial upgrades, including an updated electrical panel, installation of new computers, software, and self-search capabilities, all aimed at enriching accessibility and enhancing the visitor experience.

In addition to these updates, I’m excited to share that the Ivy Lodge Museum will undergo temporary closure for repairs and redesigning. This essential maintenance will ensure that the Ivy Lodge Museum continues to stand as a beacon of local history and culture for generations to come.

As we celebrate these positive changes and look toward the future, we invite you to join us for a tour and immerse yourself in our local history. Witness firsthand the results of our dedication and hard work. This is just the beginning—we are actively planning events and programming to further engage our community.


Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to the Warren Heritage Society. Together, we are preserving our past and shaping a vibrant future for all.

Warm regards,

Teresa Henry
Warren Heritage Society