Two Centuries of Selected Murders in Warren County


For many who hear “Warren Heritage Society” or the “Laura Virginia Hale Archives”, they might think it a place to do family research, find great grandmother’s obituary or learn if their sixth great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War and they would be right. But we are so much more. It is our mission to collect and preserve all our history, good or bad. An invaluable resource is our newspapers. We have over a century of the Warren Sentinel, a wonderful window into our past. We also have the Front Royal News published from 1987 to 1993. Anything that ever happened in this county can be found in these papers. Including, but not limited to, articles on natural disasters, wars, politics, high school graduations, farm news, sport teams scores, obituaries, women’s suffrage, civil rights and deaths. Some of these deaths are natural, some accidental and unfortunately, some are cold, calculated murders.

Many of us enjoy reading a good murder mystery, fictional or nonfictional. They are usually set in a faraway place with characters we have no emotional ties to. Using the above newspapers, transcripts or interviews, when available, and donated family stories we have selected nine local murders over the past two hundred years. Depending on your age, you might remember one or two or you might learn a relative was on a jury, a witness to a crime or was the victim or murderer.

We hope you find these cases as interesting as we have and hope you will visit us and learn more about Warren County’s long and rich history.

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