Historical Sites: Fairview


Historic Fairview is owned by the County of Warren, which is developing a preservation and usage plan for the site with the Warren Heritage Society.

Located two miles north of Front Royal, Fairview is the former home of Thomas McKay. This is the site of the final stand of Union Col. John R. Kenly’s 1st Maryland Infantry (USA) against Col. Thomas S. Flournoy’s 6th Virginia Cavalry. It marked the end of the Battle of Front Royal, May 23, 1862.

The Federal loss was 904 killed, wounded, and captured out of Kenly’s garrison of 1,000 men. The Confederate loss was fewer than 100 casualties. Front Royal was now back in Confederate hands as well as an estimated $300,000 worth of seized U.S.quartermaster and commissary provisions.

Many wounded soldiers were cared for at the McKay house, where blood stained the floors for years. Dabney Eastham, Of Co. B, 6th Virginia Cavalry, was believed to be mortally wounded and was left lying in the yard. The next morning, when his father arrived from Rappahannock County to claim his son’s body, he found that the grass and mud had clotted his wound and saved his life. To avoid opening the wound, the sod was taken up with him when he was carried into the house. Eastham survived, and left many descendants in Rappahannock and Warren County.